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Photo Locket Necklaces

Imagine wearing not just jewellery, but a piece of your fondest memories – a piece that holds the laughter, love, and special moments that make life truly magical. Our locket necklaces are crafted with care to create a warm embrace for your precious experiences.

Choose your favourite metal to wrap around your memory, turning it into a unique keepsake that's a perfect reflection of you. With our Photo Locket Necklaces, you're not just accessorising; you're adorning yourself with the stories that make you, you. 

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North Star Oval Photo Locket NecklaceNorth Star Oval Photo Locket Necklace
North Star Rectangular Photo Locket NecklaceNorth Star Rectangular Photo Locket Necklace
Oval Molten Photo Locket NecklaceOval Molten Photo Locket Necklace
Heart Sapphire Photo Locket NecklaceHeart Sapphire Photo Locket Necklace
Oval Sapphire Photo Locket NecklaceOval Sapphire Photo Locket Necklace
Rectangular Sapphire Photo Locket NecklaceRectangular Sapphire Photo Locket Necklace

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Treasured Memories In Our Photo Locket Necklaces

Ever been caught in a spell from a forgotten photo, a cherished tune or a memory-laden scent? Camile & Stone’s Personalised locket necklaces are more than mere adornments, they’re intimate portals. Each exquisitely crafted piece invites you to immortalise and revisit moments that deeply resonate with you. Our lockets are a fusion of art, history and a touch of temporal magic, ensuring your treasured memories aren’t just stored, but safeguarded for eternity.

Did you know that the photo locket’s allure dates back as far as the 16th century? In today’s digital age, where photos on smartphones easily get lost in virtual folders, the timeless allure of a physical locket feels profoundly romantic. That’s the essence we aim to capture in every piece.

Fashioned from premium, tarnish-resistant materials, our lockets come in three alluring finishes: Sterling Silver, Gold Vermeil, and Rose Gold Vermeil. Each Vermeil option boasts a lavish layer of 18k solid gold over sterling silver, marrying durability with opulence. Designed for daily wear, these lockets stand as timeless mementos in a world quick to forget.

Destined to commemorate anniversaries, milestones, and important occasions, our lockets offer a tangible link to the people and moments that are close to your heart, preserving them for generations to come.